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Automatic Masturbation with the Autoblow 2

Take your masturbation to new levels with the new and improved Autoblow 2 :

Brian Sloane raised over $1 million on Kickstarter to develop the ultimate masturbation toy for men. The Autoblow 2 is a fully automatic masturbation toy that actually sucks you off. The luxury masturbation sleeve wraps around your cock like a wet tongue, while beads running up and down the sleeve create the delicious sensation of your penis being slowly sucked…or fast, as the Autoblow comes with a remote control enabling you to control the speed of the blowjob!

The Autoblow 2 is an advanced masturbation toy for men that is available to buy now for under $150!

Doc Johnson UR3 Vicky Vette Double Ended Realistic Vagina and Ass Masturbator

doc-johnson-vicky-vetteVicky Vette Vagina Ass ($39)

A beautiful little pussy that is an exact replica of the sweet lovehole AND tight anus of sexy porn actress Vicky Vette.  Slide your manhood between her luscious inviting pussy lips, fuck her until you are almost ready to cum, and then finish her off by pounding her hot asshole, finally dumping your cum in her forbidden chamber!

JAV Star Japanese Clone Masturbator

jav-star-juliaJAV Star Julia Masturbator ($60)

This is your chance to own the body of a beautiful Japanese porn star…pocket sized!.  An incredibly realistic but scaled down replica of the tight, juicy, and large breasted body of JAV Japanese porn star ‘Julia’.  Interior sleeve is highly intricate, even by the standards of Japanese masturbators!

The Super Head Honcho Toy

super-head-honchoThe Super Head Honcho ($18)

The Head Honcho is one of the most popular alternatives to the Fleshlight.  Costing under $20, the Super Head Honcho is made from quality rubbery material that is both stretchy and comfortable.  It’s very easy to enter the inner sleeve, whatever your size…and what pleasures inside await you!  For such a cheap masturbator, the Head Honcho manages to contain a ridiculously satisfying pattern of ribs, chambers, nodes, and ticklers.  Easy to clean too, as despite being closed ended, the material is so springy and stretchy you can actually tun it inside out while running it under warm water.

Cock Torch Fleshlight Alternative

The makers of the Cock Torch masturbation toy claim their product as ‘the best feeling male masturbation device available’. The inner sleeve of this Flesh Light type sex toy has been so realistically designed that upon immersing it in warm water, the texture should be almost indistinguishable from a real vagina, ass or mouth (the Cock Torch comes in these three different forms).

The Cock Torch normally retails at $120 but at the time of posting, are offering it at $89.95. These prices compare with the Flesh Light and fans of these type of toys should consider giving this a try.

The Cock Torch

The Cock Torch

Tenga Flip Hole Black

Tenga Flip Hole Black

Tenga Flip Hole Black – $86.90

The Tenga Flip Hole was already the most advanced male masturbation toy in the world. With the new Black version, the Flip Hole has gotten even better.

The designers of the Flip Hole have studied penile sexual response to physical stimulation and every complex rib and nodule of this amazing sex toy has been carefully fashioned and positioned to excite your penis in the ultimate way.

Three buttons allow you to experience different sensations. For example, pressing one of them will cause the vacuum chamber inside the Flip Hole to produce an unbelievable sucking like sensation. But to compare the intricacy and beauty of this toy to just another artificial vagina or mouth is to do it a disservice. Frankly put, the Tenga Flip Hole can do things to your penis that no women ever could.

Penis Pump Masturbation Toy

The Passion Pump is a penis pump and masturbation sleeve all rolled into one. Getting a bigger dick at the same time as getting your rocks off – it doesn’t come much better in life for a man than that.

Penis pumps work best when used as often as possible, preferably every day. The makers of the Passion Pump realised that to get men to use their device often enough to benefit from it, they should make the experience as pleasurable as possible. And they appear to have succeeded with this penis pump, as it stands alone as an excellent and affordable masturbation machine in its own right – but hey, no guy would be unhappy with the side-effect of a bigger penis, right?

The Passion Pump Toy costs just $59.95

Grip Silicone Sleeve

Grip Silicone SleeveGrip Silicone Sleeve – $48.00

This is a great new masturbation toy for men that combines discreetness with functionality – the handlebar type grip lets you control the sleeve, and your penis, just the way you want – no matter how excited you become.

The interior of the Grip is silky and ribbed, made from luxurious Vikskin Silicone.

Blowjob Masturbation Toys

No girlfriend but still dream of being able to have your dick sucked whenever and wherever you want? Those new to the world of masturbation toys might not realise that there are now dozens of sex toys designed to simulate oral sex for men, ranging from the more expensive fully automated and hands free blowjob machines to artificial female mouths of the Flesh Light variety.

Hands Free Blowjob Machines

The blowjob machine we most reccommend is the Mastomatic Autostroker. Similar to the Autoblow, this blowjob machine attempts to replicate the feel of a woman’s mouth and sucking action, whilst allowing your hands to concentrate on the remote control for your porn collection. A very good feature of the mastomatic is that it allows you to adjust the speed of the blowjob.

Click to view the Mastomatic autostroker blowjob machine

There are now two fully automatic hands free blowjob machines on the market. Recently Autoblow blowjob machine was released to the public and is advertised as a ‘Flesh Light that sucks you off’. No more passive sex toys when you have the Autoblow available at the switch of a button to give you a perfect blowjob.

Click to view the Autoblow Blowjob Sex Toy Machine.

Cheaper Blowjob Imitators

There are a variety of cheaper blowjob imitation sex toys on the market, ranging from penis pump sucking toys to Flesh Light style artificial mouths and even heads.